Summer 2018 Pilates Mat Class Residency are held at 105 Grand Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn Plyometrics classes Summer series held @ 106 Calyer Street


Current Pilates classes are held at Grand Street Healing Project is located between Berry and Wythe Avenues, a 5-7 minute walk from both the Bedford L or the Marcy JMZ trains. Current Pyometrics classes are held at 106 Calyer Street in Greenpoint Brooklyn, a 5-7 minute walk from the Bedford L and the Norman G trains.



I accept payment via cash, check or Venmo. You may also purchase class packages via my on site scheduler here

Please allow 24 hrs for all cancellations, you will be charged the full amount of your missed class, thank-you for your consideration.



Comfortable, not too baggy. For Pilates classes, bare feet or socks recommended. For Plyometrics classes bare feet or sneakers, your choice. I keep the room heated as I prefer a temperature of 75 degrees to workout in, so take that into consideration. For Plyometrics classes a supportive/athletic bra is definitely recommended.

Yourself and a big bottle of water. All mats and props are included in the price of your class. Bring an open mind and heart. We are a group of kind and warm individuals. There is no competition here.

My Pilates classes are different than others. I have studied a variety of traditions, both classical Pilates, West Coast Pilates, the 'elder' Kathy Grant as she is known in the Pilates community (meaning someone who studied with Joseph and Clara Pilates), actually myriad of teachers. To me, Pilates is about it's essentials of course; precision, flow, breath, centering, alignment, concentration, control and so much more. Technically Pilates was made by a man for men, yet Clara Pilates was more the true teacher and nurturer of students. I find Pilates to be all things with regard to alignment and shape and I love teaching it in ways that are way outside the box with all of the aforementioned still present.

My Plyometric classes are different. They are influenced by my need for warmth and sweat and to move in a way that gets the heart racing. I have always incorporated cardio in my Pilates classes  and was more recently influenced by Taryn Toomey of The Class. These classes are about being in your body and dispelling ideas you have about yourself. They are heavily alignment based and speak to the student about who you are, where you are at and then shaking things up in order to settle back in to your heart.

Private lessons with me are a way to individualize and hone in on what your specific needs or deficiencies are and to allow you the privacy and attention your body needs. Private sessions can encompass a more meditative path, a purer Pilates class or a hybrid class that incorporates all that I offer.