eat for grace


To eat peacefully, ultimately unburdening yourself from the ping pong of cravings, patterns and attachments to food from your past. To feel you are equipped with the ability to choose to eat an all fruit and vegetable diet for a day or more and it isn’t a chastisement. To make a decision to eat your version of ‘bad’ food every now and again and to clearly feel and understand the consciousness behind that decision. To understand your eating choices are up to you and you can create new and integral patterns thru habit. To live with those choices thoughtfully and that it is ok to screw it up, pick yourself back up again and again. To feel content from eating nutritious foods that cultivate your body, heart and mind. To be able to cook yourself a simple and beautiful home cooked meal. To not look outside your body via food for entertainment or emotional dictatorship but for energy, nutrition and ease. To understand the simplicity of drinking a delicious glass of water, the refined elegance of eating an apple, the joy of sleeping well.


Sister Corita Kent

Sister Corita Kent


A 30 day eating regime that is carried out by you with support and love from me and your fellow friends on it. It is an eating plan that brings a meditative approach to food shopping, food prep, food cooking, food eating and food feeling.


You. Anyone frustrated by feeling squished. Anyone overwhelmed by their life that involves old patterns that are stale and do not ring true any longer. Anyone wanting to try something a little challenging with a modicum of discipline but with an extraordinary outcome of what it feels like to eat things that grow from the ground and to know that you can do the impossible in the smallest of ways that are beautiful little earthquakes for your gorgeous little soul. Anyone dissatisfied with not knowing how to eat anymore and wanting simplicity and rhythm. Anyone who has already done it and wants to do it again and modify. Anyone who has not done it and needs help doing the thing.


It works in that it doesn't not work. It works in that your way of looking at your body and how you eat food is a result and compendium of genetic history, stories and marketing strategies and systems that are patriarchal, matriarchal and unrealistic and militaristic and based on something OUTSIDE of you. It works because you are a brave and beautiful soul that is willing to be vulnerable and to be an adult and you are willing to try something new and fail and EMBODY that process. It works in that you are already LOVE and you are already LOVED and you are ready to LISTEN more and to take one step of many towards LOVE and HEALTH and PEACE because all of that is already inside you. It works because learning to slow down and to eat things that grow from the ground is simply a way that can help you manifest getting out of this man made system that tells you you need other things.

Yves Saint Laurent block print

Yves Saint Laurent block print

Yves Saint Laurent block print

Yves Saint Laurent block print


We cut out the following groups entirely for 30 days (or 10 days or 14 or 21, you get to pick what is realistic for you): 

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine (all of it green tea + matcha included)

  • All Animal products (fish, dairy + eggs included)

  • All processed food (sugar + salt in all forms)

We eat the following daily with the goal of maximum nutrition:

  • Unlimited raw veggies

  • Unlimited cooked veggies

  • Unlimited mushrooms + legumes

  • Unlimited fruit

  • Nuts, whole grains + vegetable starches in moderation

  • Maximum hydration in the form of water (think water flavored with all forms of fruit), herbal teas + tonics

We start a daily practice of meditating and prayer to our angels, our people/spirits/god/energy who are in and amongst us

We take time to sleep and to take care of our body, skin, organs, heart, friends and family


There are no vitamins or powdered meals. There are no supplements. Just you and the grocery store, the produce aisle, the farmer's market and lots of recipe sharing and a coming together with this group to be simple and with yourself. No gimmicks. Just a time to reflect, to live in a dollop of austerity, some frustration and a ton of good vibes