Physical Education by MRT is an enjoyable and disciplined exploration of movement, food, skincare and overall wellness woven with intelligence, humor and love. Incorporating modalities from Marina's wealth of training and practice, she teaches intimate classes that draw from the Pilates, Yoga, movement, dance and meditation exercises, guides clients along with her eating regime, eat for grace, as well as consults on skincare and all things wellness related. 

In a group class setting, you will find her leaning towards group energetic movement that cannot be classified as simply Pilates, Yoga, dance or cardio. She applies curated and articulated rehab Pilates-style technique for her private clients, depending on what their individual needs are. In both cases, Marina brings over 20 years of experience and a deep knowledge of where the emotional and physical meet inside and outside the body.

Her food regime program, eat for grace, applies that same joy and efficiency, creating a system that is practical, down-to-earth, disciplined and fused with beauty and love.