'I have been working with Marina for over 14 years and I can honestly say she is much more than a technically skilled and proficient Pilates and fitness instructor. Her knowledge of anatomy and ability to explain how the body moves has helped me immeasurably in learning and understanding about my own body and its various challenges, but in addition, she has become a trusted wellness advisor and has always given me spot-on advice about all things related to nutrition, stress reduction, sleep, meditation and exercise. Most importantly, Marina is an exceptional soul. She is generous and genuinely cares for her clients in a way that I’ve heard repeated by many others. Her classes are challenging but inclusive, she pushes in all the right ways. For all these reasons and more, she is a consistent, positive and glowing, presence  in my life'.

Tina G. Real Estate Lawyer

'Marina is simply captivating.  With ineffable grace and a particular knack for distilling the poetry of the body into language, she somehow makes her classes fun and serious, spiritual and approachable, invigorating and thoughtful.  She’s fresh citrus and avocado from California that somehow ripened perfectly In New York. Before her Plyometrics class, I had a true phobia of group exercise classes and cardio in front of anybody.  She quickly chipped away at my fear with a unique positivity that’s so pure it’s somehow still palatable in the midst of the Trump doldrums.  I never expected to feel such a sense of community and comfort in my sports bra! Something special happens in the spaces she occupies - her classes are a balm, a challenge, a release and a treat.  I’m more at home in my body because of her'. 

-Imogen L Film + TV Set Decorater

'Beyond the exercise and workout, Marina as a teacher is truly unique. She is as real and raw as you can get and it's very invigorating. She's gentle yet firm and does not distract from what is really at stake - your body and your health. I find that her no bullshit, yet nurturing methods tend to my physical and mental needs just perfectly. There are never any judgements or challenges that one can't handle and her classes are different from any other class I've taken, and believe me, I've done it all from: yoga, hot yoga, barre, gym, cycling, etc. If my schedule allowed it, I would aim to go to her classes 3x weekly. 

As a 33-year-old who works indoors, on a chair, staring at a computer screen for 40-50 hours a week - I can easily become and have become a slow metabolic, squishy woman who could use some more self-motivation to lose 10-15 pounds in a healthy way. Marina's classes can be that solution for me as that beacon of strength in the physical and mental space. Marina is a beautiful human who encourages others to be themselves and not anyone else. And I love that'. 

-Leslie Y Post Producer

'Marina is the most wonderful Pilates teacher I have ever had. I have taken Pilates both mat and machine on and off for about 15 years. Marina's classes are both challenging and nurturing. She has a very hands on approach and creates a warm environment to stretch, breath, and strengthen in. As well she is truly a pleasure to be around. I drag myself to class even if I'm not feeling it and always leave class glad that I went'.

-Caitlin M  Designer

'Marina offers a holistic approach to your health through empowering body movement, sage words and community vibes. I always walk out of her classes feeling radiant, focused and in my full power. I call her Plyometrics class "the everything" because that's exactly how I feel when I leave, like I'm Everything.  Marina is knowledgable, fierce and bright as a star.  You'll be thanking yourself for the rest of the day after an hour with her'.

-Sam H Doula + Founder, The Carriage House

'It is in no way hyperbole to say that Marina changed my life. Being in and around her classes, her holistic-with-a-sense-of-humor approach to life and exercise and her generous spirit made me more disciplined, more comfortable in my own body and stronger physically and spiritually. I initially went to Marina's classes hoping for a healthier body. I came away with, yes, better muscle tone, but also--and, on most days, more importantly--revolutionary new ideas about grace and confidence. I hope to continue learning from Marina for the rest of my life'.

-Lily K Art Curator + Writer

'Marina is wise but hilarious, soft but tough as hell, mystical but REAL...  Her classes are challenging, novel, fun, and while they are never showy or competitive, Marina's methods inspire you to push and see new possibilities within yourself.  Truly, her classes are so different in attitude than any other exercise class I've ever taken, and they saved me after having a baby and experiencing so many of the physical and hormonal difficulties that woman can face in that postpartum time.  They've given me full confidence that, with some work and patience, I can love and understand my body again.  What a gift!  I am eternally grateful to Marina for her guidance, spark, and sense of humor-- the hours I spend working out with her are some of my favorite of the week!'.  

-Jessica W Business Owner

'Plyometrics classes with Marina are a source of love and soulful nourishment, as well as a rigorous heart pumping cardio workout. I originally embarked on this journey seeking a path to physical fitness, but  I quickly learned it's so much more than that. In Marina's class you are singular, individual and yet you're amongst friends and peers who seek whatever it is that brings us all together. She has a natural way of tapping into the most beautiful, raw and sometimes insecure parts of you and identifies with it all with you. Marina is generosity and love. I am changed because of her class. Every week I carve out precious time to be part of it'.

Kim H. Paraprofessional